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Vivaninterio Project Fullview Armstrong False Ceiling

Vivaninterio Project Fullview Armstrong False Ceiling

Philippe Rochefort Tuesday, March 12, 2019 False Ceiling





Brief description from Cafe False Ceiling above :

One disadvantage with this ceiling system is reduced headroom. Clearance is required between the grid and any pipes or ductwork above to install the ceiling tiles and light fixtures. In general, a minimum clearance of 100 to 200 millimetres (4 to 8 in) is often needed between the lowest obstruction and the level of the ceiling grid. A direct-mount grid may work for those who want the convenience of a dropped ceiling, but have limited headroom. Stretch ceiling supports require less than one inch of vertical space, and no space is required for tiles to be lifted out with a stretch ceiling, but a greater clearance space may be chosen to allow room for MEC or for aesthetic reasons.

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