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Fantastic Roof Replacement Materials Instantly Available Gallery

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Fantastic Roof Replacement Materials Instantly Available Gallery

These are the most common residential roofing mate rials used in this area. They are usually used on roofs with a 4-12 or great er pitch, but check the building code in your community. (Cleveland Heights, for example, requires that shingles also be installed on roofs between 3-12 and 4-12 pitch; the City recommends that in these cases an ice and water shield be installed beneath the shingles to prevent water from getting underneath the roofing material.) One additional layer may be applied over the firs t layer of shingles; however, on roofs that already have two layers of shingles, the roof will have to be stripped (torn-off) before the next layer is installed. If asphalt shingles are being in stalled on a roof that was originally covered with wood shingles (or, occasionally, slate or clay tiles), a base of plywood sheathing must first be installed over the entire roof su rface after the old roof is removed – generally at an extra cost.

Rubber slate looks natural and can be cut with a knife to fit intricate roofs like those found on Victorian homes. Rubber slate roofs can last 100 years but can be damaged by satellite dishes and walking – so may also be susceptible to damage by hail, similar to slate. Roofing professionals that are trained to install rubber slate may be hard to find.

Tile roofing has become more and more popular in California because of its visual appeal and wide variety of aesthetic choices. This variety allows homeowners to pick tile roofing that closely matches the look of their home. The major advantages of tile are: Elegant, sophisticated look, Large selection of styles and colors, Long-lasting (well over 50 years).

Asphalt shingles, like most roofing materials, are sold in "squares." Each square of shingles covers 100 square feet, or a 10' x 10' area. They are available in many colors and several shapes, although rectangular shingles are the most common. Interlocking and dimensional shingles each offer an alternative "look" to traditional three-t ab shingles; you might want to drive around your community and look at various roofs to determine what you like.

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