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Splendiferous Decorative False Ceiling Fall Gallery

Denise Gladu Wednesday, January 9, 2019 False Ceiling

Splendiferous Decorative False Ceiling Fall Gallery

A stretch ceiling is a suspended ceiling system and it is made of three main components. Perimeter Track – Aluminium or Plastic PVC. Membrane – Typically a PVC or Nylon material, lightweight sheets are made to size/shape from roll material. Can be printed or painted to achieve the desired effect. Harpoon or Catch – This is ultrasonically welded to the edge of the membrane or sheet in the factory, the edging slots into the perimeter track to keep the ceiling in place.

A dropped ceiling is a secondary ceiling, hung below the main (structural) ceiling. It may also be referred to as a drop ceiling, T-bar ceiling, false ceiling, suspended ceiling, grid ceiling, drop in ceiling, drop out ceiling, or ceiling tiles and is a staple of modern construction and architecture in both residential and commercial applications.

In older buildings the space above the dropped ceiling was often used as a plenum space for ventilation systems, requiring only enclosed ducts that deliver fresh air into the room below, with return air entering the ceiling space through open grilles across the ceiling. This practice is now used less frequently in new construction.

In older buildings that have seen multiple renovations over time, it is not uncommon for a dropped ceiling to have been installed in one renovation and then subsequently removed in another, its installation having been an inexpensive fix to prolong the time between major renovations.

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