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Best Rain Roofing Solutions Summer Gallery

Gilles Trépanier Monday, April 15, 2019 Roofing Solutions

Best Rain Roofing Solutions Summer Gallery

Environmental situations vary from one location to another. Hence, in deciding what kind of roof to get, you cannot base it on popularity or trends. Some roofing might work for others but would not for you due to general weather conditions in your area.

Mansard Roof: This type of roofing style is like a hip roof but has a double slope on each side. With its elegant and intricate design, this is more popular on French properties.

There have been many innovative roofing systems developed for the commercial roofing market in the past decade, and there have been even more new products developed for the ongoing maintenance and restoration of these systems.

Mono-pitch Roof: As the name implies, this type of roof has only one sloping plane. Therefore, it appears to be asymmetrical. It is ideal for people who like to achieve a modern appeal.

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